Peckish Rice Crackers are baked not fried.
And, using rice flour makes them thinner, lighter and crispier.

Each serving is under 90 calories (20g) and they're also Gluten-Free, so they meet all your life-style needs.

Enjoy our flavour-packed range!

Tangy Barbecue:Smoky, sweet and great with hummous!
Sea Salt and Vinegar:Super tangy taste, bound to get your taste-buds tingling!
Sour Cream and Chive:That classic herby combo - ridiculously moreish!
Cheddar Cheese:For a perfect cheesy kick!

Peckish multipacks

The Peckish Multipack contains 5 x 20g bags, just perfect for snacking and lunchboxes. All the flavours contain under 90 calories (per 20g serving), making them a perfect calorie conscious, gluten-free option to add some flavour to your day.

Available in all the Peckish flavours.

Peckish singles

Peckish Rice Crackers are now available in a single 25g bag. As with all Peckish products, they are thinner, lighter and crisper, making them the perfect option to grab-and-go.

Available in all the Peckish flavours.

Peckish trays to share

The Peckish Trays (100g) are great for sharing! Whether it's in front of the TV or when you're hosting friends, make sure you've got enough flavour packed crackers to go around! And as Peckish crackers are baked and not fried, you can enjoy them in place of crisps, for a "better for you" alternative.

Available in all the Peckish flavours.

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